August 2, 2013

The heat wave and the 9. Trainingsflight video

The heat wave

Since yesterday a heat wave began and will stay until Tuesday with minimum temperatures of 20º C and maximum temperatures of 39º C daily, also the atmosphere heat up so the maximum temperature lasts longer daily.
This afternoon, while we changed the water of the drinking trough, it was hot like hell on the roof.

The next race (100 km) bring a maximum temperature of 39 º C and a minimum temperature of 22 º C with 18 km / h headwind. The race will be around 2 hours for the first groups but for the rest?!?!?
The 100 km race starts before a mountain range, so on the 200 km race they must fly over the mountains.

The next races will be exacting and exciting.

Be with us and don't miss nothing, you can follow everything here on our website.
With 24 hour live web-cameras you can see the arrive of the pigeons, with the liberation videos you can see the liberation, and with the live race list you are all time up to date what kind of pigeon is a head.

9. Trainingsflight video

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