August 5, 2013

Race: Cardeña I change by 1 day

This morning, after 45 minutes of training the pigeons around the loft, we got attakcs by 2 bird of prey, the pigeons were scared and scattered to everywhere. We quickly opened the loft for the pigeons to bring them to safe, after the largest group came in, small groups followed of 4-10 birds.
After we thought all pigeons are inside, another group of around 30 pigeons came and after 3 hours another squad of 15 or more...

At 20:00 p.m. we manually counted the pigeons and we think we aren't missing pigeons, maybe 1 or 2.

Although the pigeons are in a very good form, we decided to change the race by 1 day, because some pigeons flown 3 hours and more and are very dehydrated, they need a day of rest.
Also the pigeons must be 100% fit for the next races, because they wont be easy.

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