September 11, 2016

One day before, the first race of 152 km

Weather forecasts tell us that by the entrance of a storm, we have bad weather for several days, mostly next Tuesday and Wednesday, considering it is the last week of hunting, is bad retard it until Friday because Thursday also it is a day of hunting.
The good health and shape of the pigeons and all previous, advise that make it the flight one day before, so Monday morning is liberation.

Remember that it is the first of four qualifying races, so now begins the excitement over disputed positions and awards.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience that we caused.


September 9, 2016

The fearsome wires

If there is something that I have more respect than raptors, it is the cables.
Unfortunately, it is normal that if arrives a wound by cable and others missing.

So far, in the flight today, have come 2 pigeons clearly wound by damage of cables, broken legs or scraped, scratched and breast scratched... This pigeon, with broken left leg and right scraped chest, causing these damages, that can not get up.

The second has been luckier, the chip has been the greatest impact and it has reduced the damage.

Our friend Felipe de Priego de Cordoba, was kind enough to help me in the cures.

We imagine that after an attack, the animals put its feet in the dust and some in their flight have encountered some cables. Hopefully we expect recover some more.

From 13:21 h. 11 missing pigeons, , but overall the flight has been good.

September 5, 2016

Finally, two workouts from 50 km

After thinking long and observing the minimum temperatures are so high, tomorrow we will carry out a workout of 50 km, which is an hour away and another on Friday and during the week we will reform the travel plan.

Great Heatwave

In my 55 years, I had never experienced these high temperatures in September.
Our intention is to continue with the program and drop tomorrow to 150km.
But we will evaluate closely the behavior of pigeons in the day, especially in the central hours and then make a final decision. It is not the first time and with good results, we release with these temperatures and more than 400 km, but in Final.
Now we are faced to workout, which forces us to think much about the welfare of the birds, their owners, and even many of them have already booked a hotel and of course in the final. To make matters worse Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are very strong hunting days in the central and southern Spain and on Wednesdays and Fridays, days of high risk because an unexpected delay in their arrival, which is more than likely at distances which we remains to be done and especially with the current temperatures, can lead us to ruin this great year.

So we only have the Monday and Tuesday as days with guarantee of no problem with the hunting.

Therefore, and true to our commitment to look after your pigeons, we will assess carefully and to think what we do and accordingly, as we do.

Cardeñas 102 km - 10ª Suelta (Tenth Training) - 30/08/2016

September 3, 2016

Cardeña, within Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena is not a very high mountain range, but it is wide, especially the part that must cross the pigeons. In addition to be forming a barrier between Castilla la Mancha and Andalusia bring about two obstacles determinants to consider:

- That after flying through the hot plains of Castile, will take up to spend Sierra Morena with even higher temperatures because, the further south more                                                                                      heat and also closer to the middle of the day.

- Raptors, there are all kinds of them, the most abundant and frightening for pigeons is the Azor, an expert on the attack from the bottom up.

Despite all this, the pigeons young leave us perplexed by the impetus, courage and value they place in their desire to return home.

It came with two wounds and a broken leg in two places

Calculation of complete rest for 10-14 days, before returning to loft to train