September 3, 2016

Cardeña, within Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena is not a very high mountain range, but it is wide, especially the part that must cross the pigeons. In addition to be forming a barrier between Castilla la Mancha and Andalusia bring about two obstacles determinants to consider:

- That after flying through the hot plains of Castile, will take up to spend Sierra Morena with even higher temperatures because, the further south more                                                                                      heat and also closer to the middle of the day.

- Raptors, there are all kinds of them, the most abundant and frightening for pigeons is the Azor, an expert on the attack from the bottom up.

Despite all this, the pigeons young leave us perplexed by the impetus, courage and value they place in their desire to return home.

It came with two wounds and a broken leg in two places

Calculation of complete rest for 10-14 days, before returning to loft to train

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