February 27, 2016

La Carolina is delayed until Tuesday

The flight from La Carolina, with 150 km, is delayed until Tuesday because of bad weather.

Thank you very much.

Rafael Ruz

February 18, 2016

Entering pigeons - also from Mexico

Never before we have received so many pigeons in the first week.
Our reception as well as the Final, ends later.
Usually, most of them enter later, normally between mid-March and the end of the reception. 

Hopefully not be a punctual thing and keep up.

We thank the Mexican friends, the Team Los Mariachis, the bureaucratic and economic effort they have made in order to participate in this Special Edition - Memorial Edition José Antonio Ruz, thus contributing to honor his memory.

25 Mexican pigeons arrived yesterday in perfect conditions, which already in his loft.       

Everything ready before the entry of pigeons

As we do every year, and as it should be; the facilities are dismantled, cleaned and disinfected. Last week everything was ready for their arrival.          

February 5, 2016

We started 2016 Memorial Edition J.A. / List 1000 km

From 15. February to 10. May open reception

The list and timing of flights for the pigeons to 1000 km / 2016 will be uploaded on Tuesday