July 30, 2013

8. Trainingflight Casa Tejada Alta I 55 km

There is not much to say about this training flight, it has all gone smoothly.
Pigeons flown directly home and arrived quickly together on the loft.

Here's the video for the 8. Trainingflight:

 The Ace pigeon training list is online:

 All other lists you can see under the menu item "Racing plan 2013"

July 26, 2013

7. Trainingflight Espejo II 35 km

This morning at 8:45 we liberated the pigeons and they arrived as a mass in the loft.

This time we hadn't a visit by birds of prey, perhaps because we liberated an hour later, so they still their hunger somewhere else, but we aren't experts on this thats only guesses by us.

Anyway, we are very happy with this training race today. Only 3 pigeons missing now.

The liberation and the arrive of the pigeons you can see in that video here:

 On Monday the 29.07.2013 we basking the pigeons for 55 km Casa Alta Tejada I.

July 25, 2013

Confirm of the birds of prey

On the Trainingflights from Espejo, we always have 99% to 100% pigeons back in the last years.

Yesterday came a pigeon back that had a bruised chest and a broken leg. The other leg was very sore.
This pigeon will rest some days and when she is back healthy, she will going on racing.

That confirms once again to us, that we had a attacks from birds of prey on the last flight.

 Fortunately we living in an area where that kind of birds are very rare, but they increase faster than desired.

July 23, 2013

6. Trainingflight and bird of prey

Last night when we basket the pigeons we talked about the pigeons what kind of good condition they have, a silky plumage, a nice body and muscles with which they could cut rocks off with their wings. The pigeons had previously been a good form, but now they have to get the final touch.

We liberated the pigeons at 7:45 a.m. as planned and without orientation rounds they flown like a ball in the right direction.

But, when we arrived at 8:30 a.m. the loft, we got disappointment, there were just 150 pigeons in the loft and they came in small groups like 10-20 pigeons per group.

It was clear to us, that we got a visit from bird of pref in that race.

You saw the stress on the pigeons, they sit uneasily and looked first to the back and checked the things around...

...all this you can see in the video:

We repaired the web-cam from the exterior view of the loft. This web-camera is now online.

Tomorrow in the morning at 7:00 o´clock we train the pigeons around the loft, you can follow and watch us here on our 24 hour live web cameras.

Loft Leftside

Loft Rightside

Exterior Loft

 The live price list always shows the last actual flight so you are always up to date and the list is refreshed every 2 minutes.


July 19, 2013

6. Trainingflight and 5. Trainingflight

 6. Trainingflight

On Monday, 22/07/2013, at 22;00 p.m. we basking the pigeons for the 6. Trainingflight from Espejo with a distance of 35 km.

On Tuesday, 23/07/2013 at 7:45 a.m. we let the pigeons out for 35 km.

Here is the live stream (live on 7:35 a.m.):
We know that the live-stream isn't working well at moment, but we work on that issue. Next week a Internet-specialist come and try to find a solution with us.
So you can enjoy the live-stream without problems.

5. Trainingsflug

Basking list: http://www.derbycordoba.com/PDF/2013/enc_lag_zonar_3.pdf
Result list: http://www.derbycordoba.com/PDF/2013/lleg_lag_zonar_3.pdf

All other list you can find on the menu category "Racing plan 2013".

Here's the video for the 5. Trainingflight from today:

All lists are now multilingual (English, Spanish and German)

July 17, 2013

4. Trainingflight video, price lists now multilingual (Spanish, English and German)

 Here's the video for the 4. Trainingflight.
Today, more about the arrival of the pigeons, the liberation place was the same as the last trainingflight

 Tomorrow the 18.07.2013 we basking the pigeons for the 5. Trainingflight, again 10 km from Lagun Zoñar.

 The race result lists and the basking lists are now listed here "Racing plan 2013".

 The race result lists are now in Spanish, English and German.

July 16, 2013

Racing plan changed

We have changed the racing plan. Tonight we basking the pigeons again for 10 km Lagun Zoñar, because we cant race on Thursday. On Thursday here is rabbit hunting, and hunters can shoot them, but unfortunately the hunters do not hold it and also shoot other animals, so the pigeons stay in the loft on Thursday. Thursday evening we basking the pigeons for the 5. Trainingflight, so another 10 km on Friday.

Here is the video of 3. Trainingflight from today:

We always work on it to improve the website and make it more user friendly. On the right sidebar is now a new small section "Next Race", there will be always all the facts for the next race, such as temperatures, Km, date of starting time liberation, stream, and the live-racelist.

Tomorrow at 8 o´cloak we start the pigeons.

Click here for the live-racelist.

here our live-stream:

July 15, 2013

3. Trainingsflight 10 km Lagun Zoñar

 Next race :  Lagun Zoñar - 10 Km, 16/07/2012

 Remember, press F5 to refresh the race list.

 Time of release  08 : 00 : 00
 Start of the Live-Streams   07 : 50 : 00

Release:  19º C.   - -    Max. Day:  36º C .

The Live-Stream

July 13, 2013

Live Stream, 2 Flight training explication, list of participants and the future training flights

That with the live-stream again unfortunately did not work out, we will again use the old technique from the last year now for the live-stream, till we prepared the new technique well.

The list of participants is also updated since last night.
Short explanation:
disponible = avaible
perdido = missing
The list of participants and the race lists will be available in the future in 3 languages, English, German and Spanish.

This morning as we drove to the liberation place, it was a bit cloudy, but to the starting time of the liberation was still more than enough time.
At 8:45 a.m. we let the pigeons out, Robert and Rafael, with good weather and a temperature with 17 ° C.
There were two groups that were found together after a short time, and then flew right to the loft. This you can see very well in the video.
Jose has been waiting in the loft for the pigeons and filmed it, they came after 5-6 minutes as a big group.

Here's the video of the 2. Flight Training:

After about an hour almost all the pigeons were in the loft, around 50 pigeons were still out.
Then we prepared a bath water and let the pigeons out of the loft, so they can bath, but instead of take a bath they preferred to fly.
We fill up the drinking trough with water and added electrolytes.
The pigeons are then again about an hour in the air without the flag, before they have settle down to a comfortable bath.
After the bath, you won´t believe it, they flow again.
The pigeons are in a top condition.

This small text is also available in pictures.
The sections of the film are divided as follow:
-Preparing the bath water, let out the pigeons and fly, cleaning drinking trough and the pigeon bath

The next 3 training flights are all 10 km, we want that the pigeons are best prepared and don’t have big stress to compete the longer distances.

On Tuesday, 15/07/2013, will be the next training flight and basking the pigeons again on day before on 14.07.2013 at 9:30 p.m..
You may like to watch how we basking the pigeons with our live webcams:

July 12, 2013

2. Trainingflight with 5 km

Tomorrow the 13.07.2013 on 8:45 a.m. we start the 2. Trainingflight with 5 km for the pigeons.
Again we will basking the pigeons on nightfall, today on 9:30 p.m..

Here the Live-Stream, lets hope all work fine tomorrow with the technic.
On 8:30 a.m. the Live-Stream will be live.

The pigeon list is updated since yesterday and we missing exactly 38 pigeons from 502.
Because of the server move, we have to setup all new that the lists will be automatically uploaded to the server. This need a bit time, and we ask you for some patience.
Soon we will publish the pigeon list.

July 11, 2013

1. Trainingflight 3 km with some small technic issues

The first Training flight with 3 km was very good for the pigeons, unfortunately the technology has failed.

That with the live stream did not work out as we had planned it, and last but not least we forgot to press the record button on the camera to have a video of the liberation, because we focused on the live stream. The training flight was a training for us too, to test the live stream. Well, next time it will be better, we have recognized the error and we will fix it, so that the live stream will be without crashes and is enjoyable.

The pigeons arrived the loft in around 5 minutes, and then flew 30 minutes more around the loft.

Last night we basket the pigeons assigned electronically, some pigeons are missing.
On the next training flight, the pigeons list will be updated and there will be also a race list of the training flight.

July 10, 2013

1. Trainingflight of 3 km Live-Stream

Tomorrow the 11.07.2013 will be the first training flight with a distance of 3 km. The pigeons in a good condition and today in the evening we basking the pigeons at nightfall to reduce the strain for the pigeons.

We will do a video and also tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m. you can follow the live the liberation on our Live-Stream. The pigeons start on 8:30 a.m..

July 3, 2013

Health Check

On 17.06.2013 we checked the health status of the pigeons, this we do every year 3-4 weeks before the first training races start.

The pigeons in a good progression of the molt and the general health status is excellent, except for some small injuries from birds of prey that we have operate.

Here a video, where you can see Rafael and Jose Ruz, how they check the health status of the pigeons.