July 13, 2013

Live Stream, 2 Flight training explication, list of participants and the future training flights

That with the live-stream again unfortunately did not work out, we will again use the old technique from the last year now for the live-stream, till we prepared the new technique well.

The list of participants is also updated since last night.
Short explanation:
disponible = avaible
perdido = missing
The list of participants and the race lists will be available in the future in 3 languages, English, German and Spanish.

This morning as we drove to the liberation place, it was a bit cloudy, but to the starting time of the liberation was still more than enough time.
At 8:45 a.m. we let the pigeons out, Robert and Rafael, with good weather and a temperature with 17 ° C.
There were two groups that were found together after a short time, and then flew right to the loft. This you can see very well in the video.
Jose has been waiting in the loft for the pigeons and filmed it, they came after 5-6 minutes as a big group.

Here's the video of the 2. Flight Training:

After about an hour almost all the pigeons were in the loft, around 50 pigeons were still out.
Then we prepared a bath water and let the pigeons out of the loft, so they can bath, but instead of take a bath they preferred to fly.
We fill up the drinking trough with water and added electrolytes.
The pigeons are then again about an hour in the air without the flag, before they have settle down to a comfortable bath.
After the bath, you won´t believe it, they flow again.
The pigeons are in a top condition.

This small text is also available in pictures.
The sections of the film are divided as follow:
-Preparing the bath water, let out the pigeons and fly, cleaning drinking trough and the pigeon bath

The next 3 training flights are all 10 km, we want that the pigeons are best prepared and don’t have big stress to compete the longer distances.

On Tuesday, 15/07/2013, will be the next training flight and basking the pigeons again on day before on 14.07.2013 at 9:30 p.m..
You may like to watch how we basking the pigeons with our live webcams:

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