February 27, 2015

Flight from Cardeña 102 km

After several days of intensive meetings on business, today we can finally upload the information.

Here, to February febrerillo call it crazy, and it's true.

Fully sunny in the way

  Fully sunny in the release point, as was forecast for Sunday and Monday.

 Descent of Cardena

But as febrerillo is crazy the return was so.

Nevertheless, arrived very well the majority and in the day only missed four pigeons, without there even appeared some other more. The low in the rest of the club's fans have been like.

On Monday rose much more dense fog and not lifted up until 14 h.

The reforms of this year already been completed, pronto connect the cameras, the next training will be broadcast online, will also publish the list of arrivals.


The only camera that has finished connecting our technical today is the exterior, but for unknown reasons, everything looks black.
Being festive morning until Monday will not continue with the work.

February 21, 2015

Last hour

Tomorrow we will make the last training without the arrival live, but, the next training 150 km. already you can follow in Scores (Live).

February 18, 2015

Montoro 85 km, flight very fast

The 85 km today have known little, with a sunny day and windy in their favor, at 20 minutes from first, already we had the 100%.

February 17, 2015

A granite more for the fans - Arrival of first pigeons

As is normal in this derby, already are being finalized shipments of pigeons from countries as distant as Australia, Argentina ..., which will soon be here. Open these borders is a slow and bureaucratic work, which we are gradually consolidating for cultural exchange between fanciers worldwide, something that never should have borders.

Soon end up the new facilities which will be used regularly and exclusively for the Import and Export of pigeons with almost any country in the world, including countries such complex and difficult for this as China, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico, Countries Arab, etc .. with it and by what our public administration says, we will be the first Europeans in to get it. But, for us the important thing is not this, but contribute with our bit the promotion of our beauty and noble hobby.

Arrival of first pigeons

Although our reception of pigeons is until May 10, the be our final in October, already are reaching the first pigeons.

The pigeons is published in the participant list, according is say in the bases

1st prize € 20.000, in total € 47.500 in prizes.

¡Animate and send yiur pigeons!

February 13, 2015

Prizes and Bases specials to the participants of 2014

In September-14 to participants of 2014, we promised and publish the prizes special in game for this 2015, the which we remind it again. 

Of 200 to 399 
Of 400 to 499 
500 or more 
1º Ace Pigeon DePostín
1.000,00 €
1.333,00 €
1.500,00 €
1º Ace Team Speed
1.000,00 €
1.333,00 €
1.500,00 €
1ª In the Final (415 Km)
1.000,00 €
1.333,00 €
1.500,00 €

Final Bases:

Ace Pigeons DePostín, be played in 3 flights (140 km, 201 km and 265 km) will win the pigeon with the least amount of time of flight between the 3 flights. Of have tie, will win the pigeon that comes first on the 3rd flight. The pigeon has of be classified within 50% in each flight.

Ace Team Speed, will be held in 3 flights (140 km, 201 km and 265 km) will win the team that scores the least amount of time of flight between the 3 flights with the first pigeon classified in each of them. Of have tie, will win the team which rank before in the last flight .

These two awards are closed before the final flight, so that all may have more pigeons and more chances of winning.

1st of the Final (415 Km): Will win the first classified among all pigeons sent by the participants of 2014, with independence, which, at the same time, can be the first classified of the general, if so, logically, will win the sum of the two prizes in disputed.

We made it clear that to these prizes only can access participants who already have participated in the 2014 edition and which have registered to this year 2015 an equal or greater number of pigeons which in 2014. Thus and exclusively for participants of 2014,  we maintain to this 2015, the offer of 2 doves free for every 5 registered, so, we no harm to you, by have a lower number of registers and at the same time, we make a new compensation to you.

February 11, 2015

Video: Alcoléa 60 km

Trainings toss: Alcoléa 60 km.

Again one morning with fog and again lifted soon, with a bit tailwind, so at 10:15 h. the pigeons were released.

This time we arrived at 11:30 h. the loft and we missed five pigeons.

At present, at 18:00. only missed one, here three pigeons from the last five:

February 6, 2015

Flights Montemayor 25 Km and 40 Km Santa Cruz

The day of the flight from Montemayor, dawned with thick fog that rose suddenly, the pigeons are released at 09:15 h. They is quickly oriented and in 35 minutes arrive an only group 70 pigeons, the other 5 were in the loft at 14 : 00 hours.
Together at the pigeons of the derby, are released 316 pigeons of the Club Objective 1400, who also arrive in large groups, especially adults. Some yerling arrive in a more disseminated throughout the morning and part of the later. Finally, the first day missing three pigeons and only 1 appeared the next day, that if, with a nasty blow to the front.

After the flight and on a sunny day, what is very good, is a good bathroom. right?
The flight from Santa Cruz was excellent, despite the short distance between the release point and arrival, the weather was completely opposite, in the release point was excellent, although with cold, at the point of arrival was very cloudy and very cold. Despite all this, us all make 100%.

Well, it's too early to know how will the season that just started.