February 6, 2015

Flights Montemayor 25 Km and 40 Km Santa Cruz

The day of the flight from Montemayor, dawned with thick fog that rose suddenly, the pigeons are released at 09:15 h. They is quickly oriented and in 35 minutes arrive an only group 70 pigeons, the other 5 were in the loft at 14 : 00 hours.
Together at the pigeons of the derby, are released 316 pigeons of the Club Objective 1400, who also arrive in large groups, especially adults. Some yerling arrive in a more disseminated throughout the morning and part of the later. Finally, the first day missing three pigeons and only 1 appeared the next day, that if, with a nasty blow to the front.

After the flight and on a sunny day, what is very good, is a good bathroom. right?
The flight from Santa Cruz was excellent, despite the short distance between the release point and arrival, the weather was completely opposite, in the release point was excellent, although with cold, at the point of arrival was very cloudy and very cold. Despite all this, us all make 100%.

Well, it's too early to know how will the season that just started.

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