September 30, 2013

Derby Cordoba 2014 and prepare for the final 2013

The last week we have not heard from us, because we have a lot of preparation.

The participation rules, prizes and race plan for 2014 are now published.
You can find everything on the menu.

There are ...
... 3 races 350 km Fuego , 500 km Diablo and 1000 km Infierno.
... a easier way to participate via an online registration form.
... a question / answer (FAQ) category.
... more security for the participants, pay / activate only the pigeons that are present for the Race.
... more prize money.
... an improved race plan.
... Gratisreservepigeons and Free-maintenance-Pigeon.
... and much more.

The race plan for 2013 you can now found it in the right side bar.

The pigeons are doing well and they are preparing for the final. Saturday and Sunday morning there got an delicious good morning tea =)

For the finale, we preparing something for everyone who stayed at home. Let yourself be surprised. The next few days more about it.

For safety's sake we have sprayed the pigeons in Red.

September 19, 2013

Video and Sierra Morena (Semifinal)

The video to the semifinal race Driebes 350 km:
(with subtitles in English, German and Spanish)

The Sierra Morena is one of the main systems of mountain ranges in Spain
More information on Wikipedia:
Topographic map of the Iberian Peninsula.

The weather report for today

On this Website it shows, that the weather is more sunny than foggy on 9 am.

But in the reality it looks different.
Photo recorded on 11:51 am with our webcam.

September 18, 2013

The weather report (semifinal)

The prognosis of the weather report today was cloudless all the way to home and all day. After we came to Despenaperros, where the pigeons have to pass the mountains in Carolina, we saw that there is fog and the weather is heavy cloudy on 11:50 am. We asked on the petrol station in Carolina how the weather has been here. We got an answer that since 6 am the weather foggy. After we checked online the weather report and for Carolina it says it is sunny all the day... On 14:00 pm we called this petrol station and asked for another report, they told us that the fog begins to lift.

The pigeons flying 8 hours, we think that when they saw the cloud and fog stopped to fly and waited till the weather clear. Many pigeons that now arrived in the loft have mud on the legs. Lets see what will happen in the end of the day.

Photos Driebes (semifinal)

Photos Driebes semifinal

September 17, 2013

Transporter ready, long distance rules 2013/2014 and the prize money list

The transporter is repaired and tonight we basking the pigeons.  After the basking we will start travel to the liberation place.

The list of Activated pigeons is online:

The participation rules for long distance 2013/2014 1000 km is online:

The current prize money list is online:

September 16, 2013

September 14, 2013

A small foretaste for the next year Derby Cordoba 2014

The planning and development for the next year are in full swing.

We will improve the Derby and make it more challenging.

Here a little taste of what innovations we are working:
-3 Final race (Fuego, Diablo, Infierno)*
-more safety for the participants
-easier registration to the Derby
-a FAQ
-A team where everyone can join to help sick poor children (donation)**
-an even more easier and user-friendly website.
-better and improved race plan

**Names can be change on release
**Will be explained when we release the participation rules

September 11, 2013

Race plan change

The race Tembleque 280 km made it impossible the dream of more than 200 pigeons return on the final.

For the respect and care of the pigeons we will change the race plan:
1. The semi-final of Torija 402 km is reduced to 350 km Driebes.
2. The final Soria 525 km is reduced to Alcolea del Pinar 450 km.

Soon the participation rules will be published for the long distance of 1000 km, after the final you can sign.

Yesterday we had a visit of Ramon Ortiz from the Canary Islands with his wife and friends. He has seen his pigeons and was impressed of the shape and the health.- Also the loft system and the view he has enjoyed.
Here is a photo of us after we made a lunch:

September 6, 2013

Video: Statement from Rafael Ruz to the race Tembleque 280 km

The promised video we have recorded on 04/09/2013, Wednesday, at 19:00 p.m..
In the video you can see the pigeons and their health status.
A statement also from Rafael Ruz to the race Tembleque 280 km.

The video has subtitles in English, German and Spanish.

Subtitles usually automatically start and automatically detect your language, if not please check the options of the Youtube-Player.

After the video we also made some photos.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

September 4, 2013

A mysterious race Tembleque 280 km

Since 38 years we (Rafael and Jose Ruz) race racing pigeons, that was one of the worst races. If the first pigeons fall around 800 m/m, it means that it will be hard flight with a lot of lost pigeons. But here the first fallen with 1000 m/m, which speaks for a normal race.

The pigeons were well prepared for the race.

Currently 3 pigeons arrived injured attacked by birds of prey, but that is normal for our area.

Tonight at 19:00 o´clock we recorded a video of the pigeons that arrived yesterday and today.
The pigeons in a good form, also that arrived late, and they in a good health condition. The video will be released in the next days when the subtitles are ready.

In the next days we will report how it will go on.

Here is the videos of the race Tembleque 280:
(The public broadcasting TV channel TVE was also present)