September 30, 2013

Derby Cordoba 2014 and prepare for the final 2013

The last week we have not heard from us, because we have a lot of preparation.

The participation rules, prizes and race plan for 2014 are now published.
You can find everything on the menu.

There are ...
... 3 races 350 km Fuego , 500 km Diablo and 1000 km Infierno.
... a easier way to participate via an online registration form.
... a question / answer (FAQ) category.
... more security for the participants, pay / activate only the pigeons that are present for the Race.
... more prize money.
... an improved race plan.
... Gratisreservepigeons and Free-maintenance-Pigeon.
... and much more.

The race plan for 2013 you can now found it in the right side bar.

The pigeons are doing well and they are preparing for the final. Saturday and Sunday morning there got an delicious good morning tea =)

For the finale, we preparing something for everyone who stayed at home. Let yourself be surprised. The next few days more about it.

For safety's sake we have sprayed the pigeons in Red.

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