September 4, 2013

A mysterious race Tembleque 280 km

Since 38 years we (Rafael and Jose Ruz) race racing pigeons, that was one of the worst races. If the first pigeons fall around 800 m/m, it means that it will be hard flight with a lot of lost pigeons. But here the first fallen with 1000 m/m, which speaks for a normal race.

The pigeons were well prepared for the race.

Currently 3 pigeons arrived injured attacked by birds of prey, but that is normal for our area.

Tonight at 19:00 o´clock we recorded a video of the pigeons that arrived yesterday and today.
The pigeons in a good form, also that arrived late, and they in a good health condition. The video will be released in the next days when the subtitles are ready.

In the next days we will report how it will go on.

Here is the videos of the race Tembleque 280:
(The public broadcasting TV channel TVE was also present)

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