September 11, 2013

Race plan change

The race Tembleque 280 km made it impossible the dream of more than 200 pigeons return on the final.

For the respect and care of the pigeons we will change the race plan:
1. The semi-final of Torija 402 km is reduced to 350 km Driebes.
2. The final Soria 525 km is reduced to Alcolea del Pinar 450 km.

Soon the participation rules will be published for the long distance of 1000 km, after the final you can sign.

Yesterday we had a visit of Ramon Ortiz from the Canary Islands with his wife and friends. He has seen his pigeons and was impressed of the shape and the health.- Also the loft system and the view he has enjoyed.
Here is a photo of us after we made a lunch:

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