October 25, 2017


Last night was open the great and exceptional auction of the top 25 of the recent final.                Undoubtedly, they are SUPER QUALITY proven pigeons.

Every year we are very pleased to hear from you the achievements and prizes that the descendants of the pigeons that you have acquired in these 10 years. Even by little, stand out those of 2014 that along with this year are extremely hard, but this, makes us fully confident that the descendants of these will also give us all many joys.

Come on, come on, or you'll miss this great opportunity.


October 16, 2017

Next auction of the 25 best 2017

We are preparing the auction of the top 25 classified in the final of the current edition, so it will start soon.

Without doubt the bests in many years, then the hardness of the semifinal flight, surpasses the one of 2014, the hardest flight of all the celebrated in our history ,until this one arrived.

The descendants of the pigeons of 2014 shine with their own light wherever there are, so we have no doubt that the descendants of these of 2017 will also, is more, certainly better.

2017 and 2011 are the only years in our history, where the winners of the final, are largely the winners of the semifinal, therefore unusual in this derby.

It should be noted that the sons of the 2011 winner in these 6 years have won numerous prizes regional, national and on internationals derby.

October 7, 2017

Pigeons not sent to the Final

00109156 in recovery - injury - no tail (Registered by the participant in Race Inferno 2017)
00143338 in recovery (Registered by the participant in Race Inferno 2017)
00228233 in recovery - drinking contaminated water
00228280 in recovery (Registered by the participant in Race Inferno 2017)
00228301 in recovery - serious injury (Registered by the participant for Race Inferno 2017)
00228479 in recovery - wear (Registered by participant in Race Inferno 2017)
00228482 in recovery - serious injury (Registered by the participant for Race Inferno 2017)
00707754 in recovery - wear (Registered by the participant in Race Inferno 2017)

September 26, 2017

Postponed one day the semifinal

Manoli just reminded me that tomorrow I have at 09:45 a.m. medical appointment in the Hospital Reina Sofía, Columns Unit, which I have been waiting for more than 8 months, therefore, I am forced to postpone one day the flight of the semifinal.
This fact is sure to be quite common among us men and is also safe, which for women, is not new.                                                   ¡And is that for these things, the mans we are very clueless!

Forgive the inconvenience
The organization

September 23, 2017

September 3, 2017

We extended the current Auction in 7 days

Today we have made a new check and we have verified that the replicas do not work correctly.

So, we are forced to extend the deadline for today's auction to next Sunday.

Please accept our apologies.

August 31, 2017

We modified the calendar

Due to the harshness of the last two flights and the large number of pigeons that the birds of prey have touched, we have partially modified the flight schedule. So we do not modify flights with prizes in dispute and we leave a few more days of recovery for pigeons with injuries and / or late entry more, being the pigeons that need it most.

We eliminated the flight of 80 km and the flight of 100 km, instead we make one of 90 km, after this flight will proceeds to activate the reserves of existing pigeons.

Thank you for understanding and forgiving the inconveniences.

The direction

12/8/17 Training 12 Kms Laguna Zoña

August 17, 2017

We changed the release point

The new management of the Hotel Atalaya, has just informed us that it does not give permission to release the pigeons in their car parks. So we have to move to a new place, in this case to the esplanade of the Salinas de Hijos de Curro López, S.L, which is public area.

July 26, 2017

Our new auction website

We are installing and putting the finishing touches to our new auction website to start, which we hope will be soon.

Thanks for your understanding

July 22, 2017

We have only 31 losses

In our case it is normal to have few casualties during the period of the attachment, although the entry period lasts 5 months and we must not forget that raptors form a permanent part of the area.
This time the accumulated victims are 31 pigeons, which puts us at 6.64%, percentage that is within the margin, minimum obtained 4.87% and maximum 7.86%.

We already have all the leaves assigned and the pigeons already fly well every day, now they are with doors open until tomorrow night, where they will be locked up for 3 days to properly educate them to their call and then, they will fly daily forced flights. Although they will not be well trained until the flight of 80 km.

The arrivals online this year will be the first flight from 24 km (Hotel Atalaya)

List of losses:
Alther, Uwe (1): 228006-17-ESP
Ameller, Jaime (1): 228167-17-ESP
Team Aurelio y Ramón (1): 705246-17-FCC
Barraganes, Juan (1): 228177-17-ESP
Coyfran & Iván Team 2 (2): 149160 y 149186-17-ESP
Cruz, Salvador (1): 213072-17-ESP 
Fdez & Malagón & Dimitrov (2): 149177 - 151474-17-ESP
Fernández, José Andrés (1): 133157-17-ESP
Corabia, Florín (1): 228197-17-ESP
Gómez, Victor Manuel (1): 228136-17-ESP
Hnos Infante & Wildgruber, Team (1): 231941-17-ESP
International One Loft - Nova Zagora (2): 1964-17-BG y 228137-17-ESP
Liska & Fuentecilla, Team (2): 210017 y 210040-17-ESP
Derby Gran Canaria One Loft Race, Hnos Medina Jáver (2) 702790 y 702798-17-FCC
Los Viejos de Islas, Team (1) 731985-17-FCC
Los Magníficos, Team (1): 806302-17-FCC
Los VIP, Team (1): 228289-17-ESP
Marius Sima & Ticutel, Team (2): 144337 y 144309-17-ESP
Paco y Merce (1): 228246-17-ESP
Peña Los Notas (1): 228031-17-ESP
Piérre Equipe (2): 228446 y 228492-17-ESP
Ruhr - Thielen, Team (1): 228075-17-ESP
Sevilla Pigeons Race (1): 185014-17-ESP
y Sporting Sport, Team 1 (1): 7117360-17-POR

July 13, 2017

Liberation Manzanares 1/05/2017 215 Kms - Trainning for 1000kms

Auctions of the pigeons Race Infierno 2017

Haz clic aquí para entrar a la subasta
After 9 months of delay, the new auction website was given to me, in these months we have polished many things, although it is certain that even small details will come out that day to day will end up telling us. It is not only an auction website, it is also a new tool within a new concept, all oriented to give a better service with a new way of projecting and realizing the ideas of each and for the sole purpose of promoting this Noble and Beautiful Hobby from a new perspective already within reach.

I am fully confident that this new adventure, which we will soon begin, will quickly reach all national and foreign fans and will become a daily tool for each of us.
Tomorrow we will begin to load all the necessary data (legal conditions, logos, images, texts ...) to start as soon as possible.
We hope and trust in begin the first auction of pigeons of 1,000 km before the end of next week.

June 26, 2017

Tomorrow at 09:20 a.m.

Ends the period of retum for the pigeons of the flight of 1000 km from Saintes (France)

June 14, 2017

The Meteorology

Today we find small changes in weather forecasts, which are for the better.

1.- Tail wind up to 200 km before the derby
2.- Temperatures 1 degree higher during the last 350 km, but with small rain cores in this area, which cool the pigeons in the same flight.

These changes would make us advance the release time at 10 o'clock and could be at 09 a.m.

At 22:00 today is scheduled departure to France

June 13, 2017

Start the final test of 1000 km

Only to 72 h of the release, the forecasts of 10 days ago still remain almost intact, which makes us think that they should no longer change.

The only notable and good change is the drop in temperatures by 4 degrees.

The weak but favorable winds are maintained in France.

Up to Soria temperatures remain at 27º maximum, which means that half the way will be pretty good.

It is from here, when it starts to change, because Guadalajara with 37º of maximum and already to Puente Genil with 40º complicate the thing for this first day.


With the passage of the hours, the north winds down to Toledo and with this they fall a little faster the temperatures in the afternoon, than united with the fall of the afternoon, they are estimated to be located until Toledo in 32 to 33º.

After studying all the variants seen, we decided to release to the 10:30 H of this form they go to travel in France with one maximum of 22 °, in the Peninsula and until Soria of 27 ° and from there and until Toledo would fly with an average of 32 to 33 ° and Always, with loose winds of 5 to 14 km / h of tail.

Therefore, the pigeons will have something more than 11 hours of flight, which should place the peloton only 300 km from the derby.

The Saturday will dawn with already high temperatures for that hour, it is anticipated 20º at 07h and 40º at 14h. Also the winds will be varied and loose.

The pigeons that do not delay will be able to cover these 300 km in 5 hours, with that, it opens a great possibility of entering at 12 o'clock.

Logically we talk about the supposed peloton, therefore, there may be pigeons before.

Hopefully it will be fulfilled and they will be more of the desirable.

Córdoba, on two occasions managed to score for this flight in the day, releasing in both cases at 06 h, but with the caveat, that the tailwind from 7 to 11 km / h was on the entire route and the maximum peninsular In Cordoba, with 37º. On this occasion, until Guadalajara is similar, but from there to Puente Genil the temperatures rise considerably and the winds cease in the last 300 km, forcing us to take corrective measures, which we think are the most accurate.

The end result will tell us whether we have accurate or not.

We started with the final preparations.

More information in:


June 7, 2017

List of Participants and Pigeons 2017

As explained above, the failure of our previous PC and the impossibility of obtaining the data easily, except for a specialized company, which after a long time still today, does not give us a date when we will get them, forces us to change the Usual way of developing and viewing our listings.

We have uploaded the data of the current participants and we hope that by Saturday we can have more than 400 pigeons that are currently in our facilities.

The listings are updated every day automatically, to see them click on the tab LISTED after the gray strip   PARTICIPANTS  and clicking on each participant will see their pigeons.

Long Distance Final

At the moment the weather forecast of clouds and temperatures for the end of the next flight, paints luxury.

The winds up to the Pyrenees at the moment are the ideal ones.

In the Peninsula also goes well, since at 14 h the climatology after the Pyrenees is Clouds and Clear with possibility of some small rains, which would help the pigeons to drink even flying and thus keep the thirst at bay.

The winds of up to 12 km / h are maintained, at least, until past Soria, so half of the way should be done in about 6/7 hours and the peloton in 7/8 h. Also the weather and the winds are maintained in the following day.

Although it is still early to ensure this weather, we waiting for it to be fulfilled.

If there are changes, we will be communicating here.

May 25, 2017

Training basketing from Valdepañas

In the Race Online - Calendar tab you will find the basketing of the last training, whic will be tomorrow.

                                                                                                                           Good luck to everyone!!

May 19, 2017

Soria flight of 520 km

The flight of Soria (520 km) is essential for the yearling to end with a final flight of 1000 km.

Therefore, the importance of choosing good climatology for the release of that day is very important.

Another thing is that the forecasts are met or not.

The day dawned clean and cool, but where we got off and about 10  the thing started to be different.
The forecast was, the weak winds of 7 to 11 km of tail during almost all the way, clouds and clearings and a maximum of 27º.
The reality was that the weak winds from 7 to 11, but of face, with white clouds that despite not being of water, they created a humid and hot environment, raising the maximum 4º higher than expected, officially arriving at 31º

The pigeons had a comfortable and cool transport and, since the water was put, only a pigeon, take out the head and submerge its peak.

At 04:00 a.m. we were ready at the point of liberation, at 06:00 we put water and at 07:30 am estimated time, we released them.

Today, after the experience I had, I regret not having released them 30 minutes earlier, because as we see in the list of arrivals, they arrived just with the central hours of the heat of the day and with 30 minutes more of fresh, surely would have contributed to get a slightly higher percentage, which we would all have liked to all.

As the flight progressed is hardening, with it, only the good preparation received, It would be a decisive to obtain a decent percentage, being at this moment of 82.27%. Without discarding what in the coming days and until the end of the month, we can reach 87%.

But there is nothing wrong, that not come right, since this hardening get greater effort and greater value of survival, essential values for pigeons what with only 12 to 14 months they will go with a guarantee still higher to the 1000km.
Therefore, lucky for those who still have pigeons by arrive.

Note: At home adults get a 85'97% and the Yerling a 76'78%

May 13, 2017

April 28, 2017

We postpone the flight

Due to poor climatology we postpone the 200 km flight until the 01th. May

April 22, 2017

PC screwed up

2 days ago the PC for the Benzing program stopped working, unfortunately the technicians told us yesterday that everything is totally screwed up and that it is impossible to recover it and get the information from the hard disk. This causes that until Monday we can not install the Benzing program on the new PC.
Therefore, we modify the 2 short trainings of 102 km each, for one of 200 km, so is will can be retransmitted online.

                                                                                       We sorry the inconveniences!!

April 9, 2017

Flight from Torres de la Alameda

A fault in the vehicle has delayed us quite a lot, this has provoked us to release 2 hours and 15 minutes later.

Also that we have released in another place but very close, in Alcalá de Henáres, Madrid.

Good luck to everyone!!

April 1, 2017

Fligth from Nambroca 276 km with obout 14000 pigeons

Friends, according to the current weather forecast, for all day tomorrow and throughout Andalusia is expect a sunny day, 26º maximum and gentle wind tail.
Therefore, the first joint regional flight, where for the first time long distance pigeons will be launched simultaneously, is ideal.

                                        Good luck to you all !!!

March 27, 2017

Fligth from Villacañas 276 km

Despite the wind of 24 km that blew everything yesterday and this morning, we have managed to reach 100%, which is in line with the preparation received.

As we have already explained, the extra effort they have made, goes like a finger ring to deal with flights of 355 and 525 km

March 25, 2017

Training of tomorrow

Hello friends, the pigeons will have to fight against the winds from 14 to 25 km / h since as the day progresses, the force increases.

The pigeons are very well and well prepared and we think that an increase of 1 to 2 hours more flying will do well for they successfully face the following tests.

     Luck Friends !!

March 3, 2017

Flight Plan Reform

After the release of flights by Animal Health by the Avian Influenza, Andalusian all clubs have had to modify dates and places, which forces us to adapt our flight plan too.

February 17, 2017

Casa Tejada 55 KMS

Flight from 80 km

Finally the dense fogs force us to release 25 minutes later about the scheduled time (in the video you can check the dense fogs), coupled with our forgetting to update the clock to the winter time and therefore marking an hour more, has given As a result we have to set as release time 11:25 a.m. instead of 10:25 a.m. to ensure that the speed obtained is correct.
We have also verified that at least these two pigeons do not work their chips, 219319-16-ESP and 221004-16-ESP

February 13, 2017

After the bad weather....

We resume the training flights of Carrera Inferno, today basketing to 55 km; Tomorrow we expect release at 10:00 a.m.

¡Good luck!

February 9, 2017

We adapt to you

The location of our installations has always guaranteed that the winning pigeons are the real ones, since they are located in our terrace of 450 m2.

Being isolated of the assistants during the final and without nobody is the installation to whistle or to give with the rod, etc.,  It impeding that when they stop they would be oppressed and that another one or others, later arrived, win.

With our cameras and big Tvs screens we have always offered you to see everything in live and comfortably.

But..? Many wanted to live it like in home, watching them come and enter to the loft in real. Well, we can already live these same sensations, because as you see, now we offer you both ways:
From the interior of our place, 400 m2 covered with all the information on the Tvs screens or from our splendidand spectacular esplanade of 600 m2.

Choose the one that you choose you will spend the luxury of the day of our final.
                              We Wait You!

February 4, 2017

We begin with the flights of...

Race Infierno 2017

 Listings online from 80 Km.







January 31, 2017

We celebrate our

10º Aniversary with 50.800 € in the

Race Diablo – 415 km

And also with irresistible quantities




1 – 2+1 – 2(80 €)

3 – 5+3 – 5(75 €)

6 – 15+6 – 15(70 €)

15 or more+15 or more(65 €)

Minimum to register: 1 + 1

Open from February 1st to May 31st

     But we have more...

What would happen if Avian Influenza was not resolved?

Although everything seems to be already resolved, if not, we have the solution, for only 1 € a month and pigeon, we will keep their pigeons in perfect condition and ready for competition, so at the time the suspension is Raised, the competitions would begin.

Don't doubt and send your pigeons to the hardest derby, best prepared and whit the best price - prize offers you.

At the Derby Internacional Cordoba, we do not seek profit, we seek your friendship.