May 2, 2018


In just a minute you will discover what passions will awaken in you Derby Cordoba. 
It will surprise you!

April 28, 2018

Two chips fail & Two pigeons fall

Two chips fail:

Yesterday we informed their owners that two pigeons arrived without its chip, we believe that they have fallen, because the pigeons arrived at the beginning and that, as it is known, the chips of Benzing is open relatively frequently, which is a problem for the mark and that will have to solve soon.

Two pigeons fall:

As much as it hurts, it's so, unfortunately, every year at this the raptors manage to catch pigeons in short training sessions, pigeons that have returned from enough flights of between 200 and 400 km. With this, our impotence becomes greater when we see how big pigeons fall when there is so little left for the final and do not doubt it, us it hurts as much as the participant.

March 12, 2018

We start the races of long distance

Since our arrival in Dortmund much is the work done. As you can see, the web is very changed and many more changes are coming, all this, aimed at offering you in the world of the pigeon the best service we can offer.

66 pigeons will begin training to reach the final of 1000 km, Saintes, France, in June-18.

Tomorrow we will put the flight plan and in a couple of days, the pigeon and participant lists for the 2018 Infierno Race and those that are arriving for the Marathon Race 2019.

All pigeons returned and not auctioned for the final 415 km, have made flights of 25, 55, 80, 100 and 120 km, with 100% of arrivals in the 66 pre-registered. Tomorrow, if the weather permits, only 66 will do another training from 80 to 120 km, no more and k the expected winds are still moderate and will be the last non-Online flight. Being the first Online flight, the next Sunday with about 275 km. The pigeons being well trained and prepared for it.

October 25, 2017


Last night was open the great and exceptional auction of the top 25 of the recent final.                Undoubtedly, they are SUPER QUALITY proven pigeons.

Every year we are very pleased to hear from you the achievements and prizes that the descendants of the pigeons that you have acquired in these 10 years. Even by little, stand out those of 2014 that along with this year are extremely hard, but this, makes us fully confident that the descendants of these will also give us all many joys.

Come on, come on, or you'll miss this great opportunity.


October 16, 2017

Next auction of the 25 best 2017

We are preparing the auction of the top 25 classified in the final of the current edition, so it will start soon.

Without doubt the bests in many years, then the hardness of the semifinal flight, surpasses the one of 2014, the hardest flight of all the celebrated in our history ,until this one arrived.

The descendants of the pigeons of 2014 shine with their own light wherever there are, so we have no doubt that the descendants of these of 2017 will also, is more, certainly better.

2017 and 2011 are the only years in our history, where the winners of the final, are largely the winners of the semifinal, therefore unusual in this derby.

It should be noted that the sons of the 2011 winner in these 6 years have won numerous prizes regional, national and on internationals derby.