May 19, 2017

The flight of Soria (520 km) is essential for the yearling to end with a final flight of 1000 km.

Therefore, the importance of choosing good climatology for the release of that day is very important.

Another thing is that the forecasts are met or not.

The day dawned clean and cool, but where we got off and about 10  the thing started to be different.
The forecast was, the weak winds of 7 to 11 km of tail during almost all the way, clouds and clearings and a maximum of 27º.
The reality was that the weak winds from 7 to 11, but of face, with white clouds that despite not being of water, they created a humid and hot environment, raising the maximum 4º higher than expected, officially arriving at 31º

The pigeons had a comfortable and cool transport and, since the water was put, only a pigeon, take out the head and submerge its peak.

At 04:00 a.m. we were ready at the point of liberation, at 06:00 we put water and at 07:30 am estimated time, we released them.

Today, after the experience I had, I regret not having released them 30 minutes earlier, because as we see in the list of arrivals, they arrived just with the central hours of the heat of the day and with 30 minutes more of fresh, surely would have contributed to get a slightly higher percentage, which we would all have liked to all.

As the flight progressed is hardening, with it, only the good preparation received, It would be a decisive to obtain a decent percentage, being at this moment of 82.27%. Without discarding what in the coming days and until the end of the month, we can reach 87%.

But there is nothing wrong, that not come right, since this hardening get greater effort and greater value of survival, essential values for pigeons what with only 12 to 14 months they will go with a guarantee still higher to the 1000km.
Therefore, lucky for those who still have pigeons by arrive.

Note: At home adults get a 85'97% and the Yerling a 76'78%

May 13, 2017

April 28, 2017

We postpone the flight

Due to poor climatology we postpone the 200 km flight until the 01th. May

April 22, 2017

PC screwed up

2 days ago the PC for the Benzing program stopped working, unfortunately the technicians told us yesterday that everything is totally screwed up and that it is impossible to recover it and get the information from the hard disk. This causes that until Monday we can not install the Benzing program on the new PC.
Therefore, we modify the 2 short trainings of 102 km each, for one of 200 km, so is will can be retransmitted online.

                                                                                       We sorry the inconveniences!!

April 9, 2017

Flight from Torres de la Alameda

A fault in the vehicle has delayed us quite a lot, this has provoked us to release 2 hours and 15 minutes later.

Also that we have released in another place but very close, in Alcalá de Henáres, Madrid.

Good luck to everyone!!

April 1, 2017

Fligth from Nambroca 276 km with obout 14000 pigeons

Friends, according to the current weather forecast, for all day tomorrow and throughout Andalusia is expect a sunny day, 26º maximum and gentle wind tail.
Therefore, the first joint regional flight, where for the first time long distance pigeons will be launched simultaneously, is ideal.

                                        Good luck to you all !!!