September 30, 2015

The basketing for Mora 265 km there are...

Pigeons recovering:

AUS-00000986, 00019366-ESP-FCA 00186889, 00209649-ESP-ESP 00236419, 17590524-DV, DV 96830399 these pigeons they will morning a training 35 km during our return from Mora.

00088967-ESP-ESP 00162548, 00224605 and 00224699-ENG-ESP in the loft.

68925481 fly-DV no more flights, has been left maimed of a wing.

September 28, 2015

We postpone the flight from Mora 265 km

Tomorrow the weather is good (sunny) but only the morning until 14 h. It will change to cloudy for the afternoon, but the most serious is that will be easterly winds of 20-30 km / h. during the whole day.

Moreover, could happen the same as two years ago on flight of Driebes 350 km with the clouds of evolution  (all Sierra Morena closed by low clouds without any prediction) so that forced the pigeons to arrive in 2/3 days.

Therefore because we still have space for maneuver and as, for the wednesday or the thursday, the forecast seems good for all day, we have decided to postpone the flight 1 or 2 days.

The Organization.

September 21, 2015

Flight from Porzuna 205 km

For the sole purpose of not interfering in the order of rankings, we decided that as we did on the flight of 140 km, we will leave open the old entrance area in this and other flights. Ranked the 50% will close again and will not open until the next flight.

The scheduled release for tomorrow is at 08:30 h.

Pigeons recovering:
00000916-14-AUS * 00000979-14-AUS * 00200562-15-ESP *
00212498-15-GRC * 00249050-15-ESP * 00249055-15-ESP *
68925481-15-DV * 71960438-15-DV * 96830399-15-DV and

Video: 1. Prize Race 2015 Brazatortas (Ciudad Real) 140 km

September 15, 2015

A day of relax

Arriving the clock showed 176 pigeons and out will have a 40 pigeons so I think that all have arrival together.

After several weeks of rigorous daily training, baskets, flights, etc. Today I decided to give them a relaxing day, so I left them loose to its will, so that they can come and go, bathing, are pecking... Anyway, no more, no less, that all that's more them like.

September 14, 2015

Modify the dates due to bad weather and hunting


Morning at about 10am. is expected headwinds of 18-25 km / h for the whole journey, as well as areas of fog, mist and / or variable time, therefore we have decided to
re-model the flight plan that also ensure the holding of the flights remaining and its day interval required between flights.

So tomorrow we will have them perform a flight of 35 km, with the purpose to give basket and which they aren't traveling in that time. In case of bad weather or moderate winds on the road or on arrival, will be reduced the km needed.


From the next day 21 and until the 10th of next month, will again be closed the hunting of pigeons wild, this allows us to reuse any day of the week for any flight.

Brazatortas 140 km first flight by behind of Sierra Morena

The weather at the release site, in route and in the destination, has always been good (sunny, cool and clean) with a maximum of 29 °.
In contrast, the speed and the rate of input not goes in accordance with this day. Why?...

At this moment, the % stands at 60%, with the only notably that all the pigeons arrive very whole and only two are wounds.

Of again Alexis Gonzalez and Antonio Jimenez, two participants, we escorted this day.

September 6, 2015