April 29, 2015

Pigeon 200, 250 and 300... Reception to 31-05

Pigeon 200 - Gonzálo Valero
Champion of Spain of Gran Fondo 2014

 Pigeon 250 - Mike Schüler
1ª y 2ª As Taube aus Deutschland 2013

Pigeon 300 - Nick Roussakis from Greece

By reason of delay in breedings by cold of this year in different areas,
we accept pigeons until May 31

April 10, 2015

Final Program

Special Programme for the days of the Final of 415 km.

All activities are optional.

Come in with your family, friends, etc., you shall rejoice of this all your life.

 Thursday 08/10/2015

All day:  Check in hotel and break

Just 500 meters from Derby, is a simple and nice, is a hotel high quality.

A grand hotel with pool and good restaurant, just 2 kilometers.

Evening: Welcome and typical dinner at the Sky light "Ruta de la Tapa" one of the most typical bars-restaurants and pleasant of Puente Genil.

Cost: € 18 for person.

 Friday 09/10/2015

Tomorrow: A 09:30 h. coach transfer to Villanueva de Córdoba, where we will taste its excellent Iberian ham in the famous  Internationa Fair Iberian Ham will also we visit your lovely monuments, guided by the Councillor for Tourism.

Languages: English, German and Spanish.

Cost: € 45 people (includes transportation, guide and 1 plate ham) 
Minimum: 25 people

Lunch: We will celebrate it in a typical local restaurant and recommended by the local council.

Cost: € 25 for person

Dinner: As is traditional will have dinne in another typical tapas bar of Puente Genil (cost apportionment among the attendees).

Cost: € 15 for person

Saturday 10/10/2015

Morning and evening: Celebrating the Grand Final 415 Km.

Pre-Auction: At 16 h. auction of the prize pigeons among attendees which will give  the starting price to each pigeon in the subsequent auction-online.

Food and drink: Participant and passenger: € 0'00
Additional people: € 20 for person

Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony 

The Show Gala Dinner this year the we will celebrate more than ever, in the  Salón La Noria, where, besides dinner, we will enjoy music from a local band and where, the more daring, we can dance all that we want in its track of danced.

Cost: € 50 for person (does not include alcoholic beverages after the end dinner)

Sunday 11/10/2014

Fuente Álamo: Departure at 11:00 to Fuente Alamo, the oldest ruins of our people and very nice.

Cost: € 10 per person (includes transportation)

Languages: English, German and Spanish.

At 13:00 h. to enjoy the center of our town, where we will taste the typical tapas of noon, freeform or together, depending as each person prefers.

Cost: € 15 for person

Important note:

* All prices are approximate, may vary depending on the number of participants in each of the acts.

** The organization reserves the right to change the program at any time without notice.

April 8, 2015

Did you ever know?

During the Easter have appeared three pigeons, none of them failed in the same race.

We realize that these pigeons have not stopped looking for his loft to find it. Perhaps never know what motivated her loss, but we do know it was so, it was her love to the loft that has been greater and have not fainted to find it.

At the time of its loss, these pigeons were 90 days old and appearing over 250 days, can only be for the sake of his loft.

00727726-14-KWT - Team Faisal Mejbel + SG. Mack
Taracón 2014 - 350 km

00218597-14-ESP - Peña sal y Retama
Casa tejada Alta 2014 - 55 km

13720435-14-DV - HALUTER, Achim
Espejo 2014 - 35 km

April 7, 2015

Increasingly international

Every year join us new fanciers of new countries. This year, doves Greek, Romanians, Argentinas, etc., they go to compete also for the glory of success.

The Romanian pigeons, as announced a few days ago, already are in derby; Argentinas and Greek will enter during the second half of this month.

The Australian pigeons, this year are have delayed more that never,  because, two days before his departure for Spain,  entered into force the new bureaucratic requirements between Europe and Australia and by that, us had to delaying shipping.

So if your pigeons are persistent, tough and agile, do not hesitate in join this great international competition, only so, you can win our first prize of € 20,000

Rules also here