August 23, 2016

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From the 13h. we have no connection to the server Benzing. Tomorrow, Alexander, technician of Benzing he it going to solved. But the clock if it works well.
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August 22, 2016

Race 2016 Friends Long Distance

Distances and winners:

Distance of:            

650-750 km 
with participants from Toledo and others in the area


Winner: Nelu Cioaca 
and your pigeon nº: 173773-11-ESP.....  Trophy + 200€

Distance of:       

950-1050 km

Rafael Ruz 
with his 2ª pigeon received

Juan Ramirez 

Ganador: Tandem Rafael Ruz & J. Ramirez 
with pigeon nº: 290053-12-ESP.....  Trophy + 200€

Distance of:

1051-1150 km

Marchena with its 2 pigeons arreived

Ganador: Manuel Marchena Sánchez  

with pigeon nº: 310842-14-ESP.....  Trophy + 200€ 

List of pigeons received in Andalusia:

The list of the first 24 pigeons received in Andalusia, is by order of notification on the flight Friends Long Distance-16, held on 06.21.16 in Saintes - France, up competing in distances from 950 to 1150 km:

1° Familia Hnos Ruz........... 
290023-12 ....   995 km

2° Francisco Cambil........... 297806-13 .... 1.035 km
3° Francisco Cambil........... 293981-12 .... 1.035 km
4° Manuel Marchena............ 310842-14 .... 1.130 km
5° Derby Córdoba L.D.......... 225090-15 .... 1.000 km
6° Manuel Fuentecilla......... 193458-13 .... 1.035 km
7° Derby Córdoba L.D.......... 194840-15 .... 1.000 km
8° Manuel Guisado............. 188376-13 .... 1.035 km
9° Manuel Fuentecilla.........  10539-12 .... 1.035 km
10° Juan Dominguez............ 200158-14 .... 1.130 km
11° Derby Córdoba L. D........ 236419-15 .... 1.000 km
12° Familia Hnos Ruz.......... 294423-13 ....   995 km
13° Jesús Rdgez-Borlado....... 298398-14 ....   950 km
14° Derby Córdoba L.D......... 137020-15 .... 1.000 km
15° Fco. Borges y M. López...  213910-14 .... 1.130 km
16° Narcizo Fernández........  133020-13 .... 1.030 km
17° Fco. Borges y M. López... 2393255-12 .... 1.130 km
18° Familia Hnos Ruz.........   13914-12 ....   995 km
19° Derby Córdoba L.D........   86274-15 .... 1.000 km
20° Derby Córdoba L.D........  148502-10 .... 1.000 km
21° Joaquín Ruz..............  224961-15 .... 1.000 km
22° Manuel Fdez Basterra.....  199488-14 .... 1.025 km
23° Manuel Marchena..........  219566-14 .... 1.130 km
24° Derby Córdoba L.D........  791374-15 .... 1.000 km

Approximate measurements

August 17, 2016

Only 9 pigeons today

They have only missed nine pigeons from 55 km in the day. This year, loose by loose, we are matching the record maximum (100%) or improving the other on the first day.

Is it because of what we said last year on we could almost assure 100%. Which is why unexplained lost thousands of pigeons among all derbys ?.
Time will tell...
As we can see in the picture about 30 pigeons have had to enter them through previous entries without a clock. Since being amply meals they do not want to enter by the new entry.
Once all within the manual recount has given us nine low for today's flight, 3%.

We are Holiday in town, so we will return to our business until next Tuesday.
Thank you

August 16, 2016

35 Km, 332 pigeons received

were found and have been activated their new chips of the two pigeons:

183611-16 Juan Barraganes Ortells
028955-16 Miguel Ángel Veny Maestre

Thus, only two pigeons are the casualties of flying of 35 km.

August 15, 2016

Flight 35 km

The clock tells us that there are 332 pigeons returned on this flight, but the program tells us 330. Tonight we will make manual counting and in the case of be 332, will seek those two pigeons to couple it a new chip.

August 13, 2016

First casualties

In the training from the Hotel Atalaya: 24 km, it came a pigeon with a small wound raptor, missing in today counts four pigeons, which will be lacking on the watch list on the flight from Espejo: 35 Km.

August 5, 2016

Twenty-one Losses

In this Derby it is normal to have few losses during the homing instinct that usually lasts about 6 months after the first innings, without forgetting that raptors already form a permanent part of the area.

This time the accumulated losses are 21 pigeons, which puts us at 5.83%, our second best percentage in the nine editions to date, being the highest 7.86% and the lowest 4.87%.

Linting of Losses:

Antonio & Juan Carlos Fuentes 1: 221005-16-ESP
Antonio & Juan Carlos Fuentes 2: 221007-16-ESP
Domingo Mario Díaz Acosta: 76021-16-ESP
Equipo Coyfran: 6206283-16-POR
Florín - Derby Corabia: 626001-16-RO
Golden race Algarve: 6206293-16-POR 
Heinz Wichert, Karl: 26180889-16-DV and 16180915-16-DV
Kimberly, Team: 6206299-16-POR
Los Mariachis 2, Tándem: 26285-16-MEX
Muñoz Cubero, Joaquín: 181525-16-ESP
Para apadrinar 125 €: 882487-16-KW and 882500-16-KW
Pearson, Jan: 2084-15-AUS
Pisla Daniel & Vitan George, Team: 290821-16-RO
Sporting Pigeons, Team: 6168514-16-POR
Toni Deigner, Team Germany: 59502031-16-DV and 59502090-16-DV
Valero Martín, Gonzálo: 240401-16-ESP
Valido Frade, Miguel 2: 221016-16-ESP
Wilhelm Linke, Team Germany: 35260508-16-DV

August 3, 2016

We changed the entrance area

The new location of entrances, allows attendees to see them stop and enter live online from only a few meters. Something that, despite our rigorous live broadcasts on television, it was taking off part of the excitement that gives us to see them arrive, stop and enter live online in a Derby.

Now in this sense we place ourselves to the forefront , because we offer you 3 ways of seeing pigeons arrive:
1. Broadcasting in live from a few meters
2. By TV sitting in our hall while sipping a drink and
3. By online from house if you could not attend.

But most importantly, in all three, we maintain our identity to remain the Derby where nobody whistle them, calls or beckons with a wand, etc, etc.
We are the only Derby where in his eight previous editions, pigeons go of seeing them in the air to be within in a few seconds, without none of them has changed its entry order by any inconvenience, ensuring that the winner, it's really the winner.
In addition, with this variety of options lets you choose which is best suits you depending on your time.

¡We improve for you!

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