June 30, 2014

Rebuilding is finished

Since yesterday, the rebuilding of the loft is completed.

The pigeons are in a very good health in general, even if a few are not fully in shape, so we give more attention to these pigeons at the moment, because of that the information flow of the website is a bit slowly. We apologize for this. Because in the next few days the training will begin for the Derby pigeons 2014.

We wish all pigeons and participants good luck for 2014!

Photos from the rebuilding of the loft:
Beginning of the reconstruction
Final phase of the rebulding
By the converting of the loft now the pigeons can bath in the loft
Bath in the loft
  New seat boards, useful and modern 
The new loft.
After the conversion it is space for 1400 young birds and 300 old birds for the long distance

June 21, 2014

Pictures from the trip to the liberation point for the long distance

18.06 Arrival Basque country (border to France)

18.06 Basque country - Azpeitia

18.06 feeding in Irún 15:00 o'clock

18.06 feeding in Irún 15:00 o'clock 

18/06 The food stand more than two hours

18.06 At 17:00 clock the pigeons were given water with electrolytes

18.06 At 19:00 clock the pigeons were given water without additive till the night

19.6 At 5:00 clock we prepared for the liberation

19.06 The day is dawning

19.06 The day is dawning 

At 19:06 the pigeons were liberated at 6:44 clock

Liberation point Googlemap

19:06 before we drove back to the highway, 500 meters away from the liberation point

This transport system with the food and feeding, we use it for over 8 years for our club and have always achieved with this traditional system the best results.

June 18, 2014

Soon 1000 km long distance Final Race

We are in Lozoyuela (Madrid).

From 8 to 9 o´clock the pigeons have made a stop and get water.

At 16:30 we will be in Irun (border to France), where we will eat and rest at least 10 hours.

Tomorrow there will be cooler and tail wind.

Hopefully everything goes according to plan and we wish all participants good luck.

June 17, 2014

Good luck for the long distance pigeons

The weather forecasts are very good for the liberation on Thursday the 19th for the long distance pigeons in the final race of 1000 km. From Thursday to Saturday noon it will be sunny during the liberation place, the track and in Puente Genil. On Thursday, the pigeons also have slight tail wind of 11 km / h . Friday and Saturday, the wind is in a little turn to the northeast.  

The maximum temperature in the first half of the route, do not exceed 27 ° and on the other half it will not be less than 34 °. Thus we have three days of good weather.  

We wish good luck to all participants.

June 16, 2014

Weather forecast for the long distance

The weather forecast for the long distance race on June 20 is very good in France and Spain, but the weather is also very good on 19. June. Depending on the weather forecast, we are on 19th or 20th liberate the pigeons.

At the moment the pigeons sitting on eggs with 4 to 7 days, they are in great shape and very healthy.

These are the nests, for this year we improvised, it is not so pretty, but the pigeons will feel very comfortable with it.

June 11, 2014

755 delivered youngsters

Complete 2000 delivered pigeons: "A dream", but a dream that is coming true and can become a reality. We can proudly say that we are the first International Derby on the Spanish peninsula with the most applications this year.

We got delivered 755 youngsters this year, this is a 50% increase over 2013. 2012 to 2013 we increased in the delivered youngsters with 49.5%.

We hope that this growth will continue and you can follow a special One Loft Race this year. That every participants can pursue an exciting and extraordinary Derby.

We would like to thank all those who are involved, the employees, the co-coordinators, and many other fanciers that supporting our race and make it a successful One Loft Race.

The pigeon loft rebuilding is already finished, its just missing some little things, also now all web camera are working well again.

Here's a video of the loft rebuilding, the video was shot before we collect the first pigeons in Central Europe. A recent video will follow shortly.
(Video has subtitles in Spanish, German and English)

Recent photos from the loft:

June 2, 2014

Completed delivery time

Since 25. May the loft is closed and we not more take pigeons for the race for this year.

Due to the prolonged delivery time of pigeons we change the race plan, so all pigeons can fly in a fair competition. The final race on the 3rd October is not affected by that.

We do our best to actualize the participant list as soon as possible. But there are some pigeons we can not assign, because we missing ring-cards and pedigrees.
Contact us by email please, if your pigeon is not listed yet in the participant list. info@derbycordoba.com

Pigeons that are not assigned yet in the list are listed under the name "PENDIENTE CONOCER EQUIPO", if your pigeon is listed there please contact us.
Arrival of the third transport from the Canary Islands

The new platforms that allow 20 or more pigeons to land

In addition the new design allows a soothing bath inside the loft

After passing the quarantine period, the pigeons of Central Europe come into the loft.