September 30, 2014

Decision of the prize money

Because of the unusual development of the derby this year, we have to make ourselves more resolutely 3 Awards for 2015 for the participants of this year 2014

from 200 till 399 Pigeons
from 400 till 499 Pigeons
from 500 and more Pigeons
1º Ace Pigeon De Postin
1.000,00 €
1.333,00 €
1.500,00 €
1º Ace Team
1.000,00 €
1.333,00 €
1.500,00 €
1ª Pigeon Final (415 Km)
1.000,00 €
1.333,00 €
1.500,00 €

The 1st Ace-pigeon De Postin on 3 flights (First flight 140 Km and 2 more than 200 Km) wins the pigeon which flew the lowest time on all three flights.

The first ace team on three flights (First flight 140 Km and 2 more than 200 Km) wins the team, where the first pigeon from the team on each flight scores.

These flights all take place before the finale, thus each one increased chance of winning.

The first pigeon of the participants from 2014, that scores first in the final 2015.

We would like to announce once again that these awards are only for participants who have already participated this year in 2014 and an equal or participate with a larger number of pigeons in 2015.
The detailed development on the basis of this decision and competitions are posted on the website on next 1st November 1st in the participants rules of the basic rules.

September 25, 2014

Controversy in prizes

Since we published the final list of prizes, we have received different opinions, two of them being the most repetitive.

We put here the twoo questions:

1.- Why the value of the prizes, no go up even more you?
Ask that coming from participants with pigeons in race.

2.- Why it has increased the amount of awards?
Ask that coming from participants that not now have pigeons in race.

We have carefully analyzed the two positions and each has its reason.

The firsts by that see little prize for editing, which undoubtedly is the most unusual of the seven held and which hopefully will never more be repeated.
The seconds that for reasons unrelated to the quality of their pigeons, they now not have the option of win.

The other day say us "Whatever we do, it will never be liked by all" to right or wrong this is so.

We recall that the awards published are over the provisions of the basis of the Race Fuego, that unfortunately and  by reasons known, be the race that will be held next October 3.

Well, this time we have found a Solomonic decision, which please to all parties involved:

1.- Those who have not said anything (mostly)
2.- Those which have notified us that by an unexplained year, we continue to have to them
3.- Those who are in favor of raising the prizes
4.- Those now they no have pigeons
5.- Those who have sent other opinions and finally
6.- The organization (the more interested on satisfying of all)

In 1 or 2 days we will publish the details of our decision, we can only anticipate that we will spend a minimum of € 3,000 in fixed prizes.

Thanks for you time

September 23, 2014

How have they answered today?

Here you have a photo essay showing the climatic condition during the return trip of today. The photos are by order from Porzuna until arrival in the province of Córdoba.

Will see that they this have not been easy, despite this, the percentage we frame as good for the circumstances (route and weather), I very much hope that tomorrow reach us the 85%.

September 22, 2014

Update flights

In the flight previous, two pigeons came touched by predatory bird and missed 5 of 198 released, 4 were of recovered from other flights and 1 that always traveled all right. Thus, we describe the flight as good. 

Observe that is being frequent that each week some  pigeon lack, it is because there are attacks of raptors around of loft. 

Tomorrow the weather can be complicated, so do not rule postpone the flight if necessary.

This week there are no pigeons wounds, the 02010702 was the end sacrificed.

Video: Villanueva de Córdoba 103 km on 16.09.2014

September 20, 2014

List of final awards

Are already published the final awards.

Include the different modalities  we announced last day September 2.

We have also raised the total amount of awards, What we see relevant and we do it with pleasure.

September 16, 2014

We continue with fingers crossed!

Despite strong climatic changes that are occurring today, this flight is developing within normal parameters, of course, helps the experience accumulate. 

Nevertheless, and although the temperature is not high, among the last pigeons  excel these two for the state in which they arrive. 

  Wounded in right leg 

Oiled OMW 

We continue with fingers crossed!

September 15, 2014

Pigeons that are not caged at 100 km

Here the pigeons injured or unfit to be caged at 100 km:

3865, 189346, 202383, 561567, 727725, 2010702, 3133857, 59500257, 68924465 and 95460295 

2010702 seriously injured in wing and leg possibly be sacrificed.

September 11, 2014


Training Toss 56 KM Alcolea:

Training Toss 26 KM Montemayor:

Consolación 205 KM:

September 8, 2014

Pigeons that are not caged at 50 km

Here the pigeons injured or unfit to be caged at 50 km:

00154, 30401, 188838, 312250, 3080355, 06960244, 14360405, 29620499, 29620500, 35290279 y 73730073.

September 4, 2014

Pigeons that are not caged at 25 km

Here the pigeons injured or unfit to be caged at 25 km:

31346, 145268, 188838, 188929, 204488, 209096, 216858, 534058, 2010715, 3080355, 3090043, 6090300, 14360405, 29620236, 29620500, 47130919, 48580633 y 56300229.

September 3, 2014

What is next?

I would first like to report that on the last race, unlike other races of this year, the pigeons that came on the third day looked very bad, so they have flown a lot. The proportion of injured pigeons is very high this year.

From the heart, I say that this year is very much going wrong, much more than you can imagine.

I've spent the last few nights without sleep much time, again and again I think about what happened and am very disappointed with the results, but I am convinced that it is completely independent of the shape of the pigeons and quality. I affirm again the pigeons this year have the best of health conditions.

I want to let you know, everything we do or decide, is for the benefit of the pigeon.

Since many participants have already booked a ticket and a hotel room for the final, we do not want you to visit an empty loft.

There are changes and new decisions have been made​​. Not all decisions can be right for everyone, to the pigeon sport is far too multifaceted.

1. Deletion of the Race Diablo (500 Km) and of course the activation of 40 € per pigeon.

2. Change the race plan, and the finale of the race Fuego to put on the 3rd of October.

 05/09/14 - 25 Km
 09/09/14 - 50 Km  
 16/09/14 - 100  Km
 23/09/14 - 200 Km
 03/10/14 - 330 Km Finale

3. prize money / award distribution::
              As Pigeon, Team Championship, As-Team-Speed on the races of 
              Guarromán, Consolación, 200 and 330 Km.

 -We think, thus we give the stragglers time to recover and then continue to participate in the race

In the next few days the website will be updated in the race plan and the prize money.

We welcome your suggestions and opinions and want to encourage you to continue your opinion, the criticism is a great value. We consider criticism as a tool for improvement.

In the hope that these measures will be well received, otherwise a sincere apology.

With best regards
Rafael Ruz, Organizer