January 25, 2014

The Blackpool Pigeon Show 2014

The Blackpool Pigeon Show 2014

was a very successful show. They met breeders from all over the world, of course, many English breeders and the pigeons.

We were there without a stand, but still many visitors could learn about our Derby. Many also already knew our Derby Cordoba, we seem to be on a good path. 

Also have several companies interested in sponsoring our Derby Cordoba with products. The negotiations began in Blackpool and is now further going on by email. Soon we will publish who is our official sponsors, until then a little patience.

Here are a few photos with Rafael Ruz on the Blackpool Pigeon Show 2014:

January 17, 2014

Collection point and pick up for the pigeons

The pigeons will be picked up from the collection point with the following dates.

England: 8 April and 6 May

Belgium: 7 April and 5 May

Netherlands: 9 April and 7 May

Poland: 11 April and 9 May

Germany: 10 April and 8 May

Austria: 12 April and 10 May

Switzerland: 13 April and 11 May

The shipment is 20 Euro per pigeon from the collection point to the loft Derby Cordoba in Spain.

January 13, 2014

The first news for 2014

The preparations are in full swing for the Derby Cordoba 2014 and we have already received a lot of applications, so we are very optimistic for the year 2014.

 Jan Pearson report to our Derby in the Australien Pigeon Journal

January Pearson from Australia, who has visited us to the final 2013, wrote a four-page report about our Derby and she published in the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal. She sent us the magazine and a few photos, which we would like to share with you. The report can be read on the photos.

Blackpool Pigeon Show

On Friday we are flying to England for the Blackpool Pigeon Show.
More details when we are back.

A small video about the landscape and culture in Spain Cordoba