July 13, 2017

Auctions of the pigeons Race Infierno 2017

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After 9 months of delay, the new auction website was given to me, in these months we have polished many things, although it is certain that even small details will come out that day to day will end up telling us. It is not only an auction website, it is also a new tool within a new concept, all oriented to give a better service with a new way of projecting and realizing the ideas of each and for the sole purpose of promoting this Noble and Beautiful Hobby from a new perspective already within reach.

I am fully confident that this new adventure, which we will soon begin, will quickly reach all national and foreign fans and will become a daily tool for each of us.
Tomorrow we will begin to load all the necessary data (legal conditions, logos, images, texts ...) to start as soon as possible.
We hope and trust in begin the first auction of pigeons of 1,000 km before the end of next week.

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