January 31, 2017

We celebrate our

10º Aniversary with 50.800 € in the

Race Diablo – 415 km

And also with irresistible quantities




1 – 2+1 – 2(80 €)

3 – 5+3 – 5(75 €)

6 – 15+6 – 15(70 €)

15 or more+15 or more(65 €)

Minimum to register: 1 + 1

Open from February 1st to May 31st

     But we have more...

What would happen if Avian Influenza was not resolved?

Although everything seems to be already resolved, if not, we have the solution, for only 1 € a month and pigeon, we will keep their pigeons in perfect condition and ready for competition, so at the time the suspension is Raised, the competitions would begin.

Don't doubt and send your pigeons to the hardest derby, best prepared and whit the best price - prize offers you.

At the Derby Internacional Cordoba, we do not seek profit, we seek your friendship.

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