June 13, 2017

Start the final test of 1000 km

Only to 72 h of the release, the forecasts of 10 days ago still remain almost intact, which makes us think that they should no longer change.

The only notable and good change is the drop in temperatures by 4 degrees.

The weak but favorable winds are maintained in France.

Up to Soria temperatures remain at 27º maximum, which means that half the way will be pretty good.

It is from here, when it starts to change, because Guadalajara with 37º of maximum and already to Puente Genil with 40º complicate the thing for this first day.


With the passage of the hours, the north winds down to Toledo and with this they fall a little faster the temperatures in the afternoon, than united with the fall of the afternoon, they are estimated to be located until Toledo in 32 to 33º.

After studying all the variants seen, we decided to release to the 10:30 H of this form they go to travel in France with one maximum of 22 °, in the Peninsula and until Soria of 27 ° and from there and until Toledo would fly with an average of 32 to 33 ° and Always, with loose winds of 5 to 14 km / h of tail.

Therefore, the pigeons will have something more than 11 hours of flight, which should place the peloton only 300 km from the derby.

The Saturday will dawn with already high temperatures for that hour, it is anticipated 20º at 07h and 40º at 14h. Also the winds will be varied and loose.

The pigeons that do not delay will be able to cover these 300 km in 5 hours, with that, it opens a great possibility of entering at 12 o'clock.

Logically we talk about the supposed peloton, therefore, there may be pigeons before.

Hopefully it will be fulfilled and they will be more of the desirable.

Córdoba, on two occasions managed to score for this flight in the day, releasing in both cases at 06 h, but with the caveat, that the tailwind from 7 to 11 km / h was on the entire route and the maximum peninsular In Cordoba, with 37º. On this occasion, until Guadalajara is similar, but from there to Puente Genil the temperatures rise considerably and the winds cease in the last 300 km, forcing us to take corrective measures, which we think are the most accurate.

The end result will tell us whether we have accurate or not.

We started with the final preparations.

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