September 18, 2013

The weather report (semifinal)

The prognosis of the weather report today was cloudless all the way to home and all day. After we came to Despenaperros, where the pigeons have to pass the mountains in Carolina, we saw that there is fog and the weather is heavy cloudy on 11:50 am. We asked on the petrol station in Carolina how the weather has been here. We got an answer that since 6 am the weather foggy. After we checked online the weather report and for Carolina it says it is sunny all the day... On 14:00 pm we called this petrol station and asked for another report, they told us that the fog begins to lift.

The pigeons flying 8 hours, we think that when they saw the cloud and fog stopped to fly and waited till the weather clear. Many pigeons that now arrived in the loft have mud on the legs. Lets see what will happen in the end of the day.

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