September 9, 2016

The fearsome wires

If there is something that I have more respect than raptors, it is the cables.
Unfortunately, it is normal that if arrives a wound by cable and others missing.

So far, in the flight today, have come 2 pigeons clearly wound by damage of cables, broken legs or scraped, scratched and breast scratched... This pigeon, with broken left leg and right scraped chest, causing these damages, that can not get up.

The second has been luckier, the chip has been the greatest impact and it has reduced the damage.

Our friend Felipe de Priego de Cordoba, was kind enough to help me in the cures.

We imagine that after an attack, the animals put its feet in the dust and some in their flight have encountered some cables. Hopefully we expect recover some more.

From 13:21 h. 11 missing pigeons, , but overall the flight has been good.

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