August 1, 2013

9. Trainingflight Live-Stream and Pigeon Operation

9. Trainingflight Live-Stream

Tonight around 10 o´clock we start basking the pigeons for 55 km.

Tomorrow in the morning at 8:45 we liberated the pigeons and at 8:40 we start the live-stream.

Pigeon Operation

A few weeks ago we released a video of an injured racing pigeon that we operated.
Here you can read the news article again if you missed it:

About that operation exist a second operation, but we didn't released, because we had a lot to do with the website and to organize the first training races, so here is the video now.

(The videos have subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German, if it does not appear automatically check the options in the Youtube Flash Player.)

 And here again the first operation if you missed it:

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