August 21, 2013

The 200 km are done and that with 41º C

Yesterday we reached more than 41º C making it the hottest day of this summer so far.

Our own record of arrivals in 2011 with 89,10% of pigeons we have already broken it. We have now 89,13% at the moment.  To better compare this race with 2011 we should wait few days more.
We think in 3-4 days we will reach the 91%.

In front of us three more exciting races:
280 km, with a record of 90,35% in 2011.
402 km, with a record of 86,39% also in 2011.
525 km the final, this distance will be the first time this year.

Here the video from the 3. Race with 200 km:

We didn't post the live-stream, because it often doesn't work. However, we have on every liberation the live-stream on and this time it worked. We just hope that it work properly on the next races as yesterday.
Here the live-stream repetition:

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