May 6, 2013

The second time we pick up youngsters in Europe

On the way it has been raining almost all time.

We visited and took pigeons from Sergio Ferreira, our Dutch collection point.
Rafael Ruz and Sergio Ferreira

We drank a coffee when we arrived, and after we took a look at his breeding pigeons.

The wife from Rafael, Manoli, who accompanied us on the trip, saw a pure white pigeon, and asked if she could take the pigeon in the hand. Sergio present her the pigeon.  The pigeon instant got a name "Manuela".

Sergio Ferreira, Manoli and Rafael Ruz

The white dove "Manuela"

Marco Braspenning came briefly to visit Sergio Ferreira, to gave us a pigeon.

Marco Braspenning, Sergio Ferreira and Rafeal Ruz 

After a long talk and after we had almost every pigeon in hand, we were off to Germany to Peter Haas, our collection in Germany. 

There his family and other fanciers came to visit. We had a barbecue and talking about pigeons and the Derby Cordoba until late into the night, by the way we watched the football match Bayern against Barca.
Achim Jankowski

Grandmother and aunt from Peter Haas

Fredi Steckel

Rafael Ruz 
A Spanish Serrano ham should not be missed when grilling.

Father of Peter Haas

Coffee, cake and pigeons talk topics =)

The next day we set off back to Spain, to home Puente Genil, with all the young birds collected, but before we went briefly over at Yves Van De Poel in Belgium to pick up the remaining pedigres.

The pigeons were cared well in travel by Rafael Ruz.

End of the month we will begin to train the pigeons, in the morning and in the evening. But more information for training when the time comes.

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