Rules Races Marathón 2018

The rugged Spanish orography, the harsh meteorology, the high temperatures of 46º, the hot and variable winds, etc., make the  RUTA DEL INFIERNO  a very tough route, but where the convergence of hard pigeons and with a good preparation, make we can dominate it and get good results in its two Races (Diablo 600 km and Infierno 1000 km).

+ de 56.300 € in prizes

General Rules (12.01.2018)

1.- To send pigeons is to accept having read and accepted all the rules set out here.

Table Inscriptions 2018

Nº Pigeons
Nº ReservesTotal

+-100 €

+-200 €

3+1300 €

500 €
1.000 €

Minimum to register : 
Reservations will be activated after the first 100 km training. 

2.- Reservations can be done by:

Fax: +34 957 603 258

 or e-mail:

3.- The participant does not reach full rights, until he is fully aware of all of his pigeon's economic obligations and any other additional expenses that may exist.. 

4.- The maximum term for the payment of the registration is 20 days after its delivery in the derby and at the latest on August 20 of the year in course of the shipment, after the deadline, the Organization will dispose of them as it deems appropriate and without prior notice.


Titular: Club Colombófilo PONTANENSE
IBAN Number: ES35 3187 0532 1146 6523 3419

The Organization is the only one suitable for the collection of registrations and other concepts, therefore, it does not have, nor accepts, any responsibility, nor does it recognize any payment that the participant makes to third parties (agents, collaborators, supporters, ...)

5.- The participant will provide all their data, as well as their bank account for the payment of prizes.

6.- The pigeons at their reception, are property of the Derby.

7.- Estimated flights to be carried out in the year following their registration, are: 05, 10, 15, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, 145, 210, 275, 325 , 410 y 600 km.

8.- The Prizes are for 1000 entries, if lower they will be proportional. The reservation pigeon (s) must be activated at the return of the 100 km flight and before the 145 km flight, at the price of € 100. If not activated, point 3 will apply.

9.- Titles and Pedigrees must be delivered at the latest on August 30 of the year in which the shipment was shipped. Failure to send this documentation or send it out of time, involves the total loss of the percentage of the 1st auction (Sponsors are not subject to this rule).
10.- The Organization has the right to show by any public or private means the information of the pedigree and the personal data that appear in it.

11.- Our will is to respect the flight schedule as much as possible. However, if for any reason, any flight should be altered, suspended ... partially or totally, the Organization is the only competent party to make such decision / s. The same happens with everything not collected here.

In both cases the decisions will be published in the News section of the Web.

Delivery of peninsular pigeons:

Will be in hand or by MRW to postage paid, in: 
Club Colombófilo Pontanense - Cód. 00154
Ctra. Aguilar, km. 85 - CP 14500, Puente Genil - Córdoba
Mobile Number: 
34  686 962 454 
Contact Person: Rafael Ruz, DNI: 30470090-N

In the Agents tab, you will find the information corresponding to them, they will inform you of the dates and transport topics of your area.

Canary Islands:

By inscribed pigeon or book the shipping costs to Cordoba or € 25 (covers plane to Seville and transfer by MRW to the Derby). This amount may be modified without prior notice, the shipments being every two weeks regardless of the number of pigeons that have to send.

Others countries:

Shortly, the pigeon harvesting circuit will be published in Europe, it will be done with perfectly qualified vehicle for its transfer to the derby, the organization will provide Certificate and vaccines when requested by the participant, upon payment of € 5 per pigeon. Contact the point closest to you.   Ver AQUÍ


- The reception period is 01-02 tol 31-07 every year.

Each pigeon must be sent with:
  1. Ring of the year in progress (Southern Hemisphere previous year)
  2. Title of ownership (if your federation issues it)
  3. Pedigree (always)
  4. Important: We recommend vaccinating the chicks against Newcastle at 20 days of age, only this guarantees that they do not get infected. The Derby declines any responsibility for contagion of the same.

Care, treatments, vaccines ...

The current regulations on Animal Health require that the Certificate of Vaccination against Newcastle be provided in its transport, which must be kept for possible inspection. However, at the moment, MRW only requires it in dogs and cats. 
Therefore, pigeons that do not bring the Newcastle Certificate of Vaccination, will be vaccinated again here at a cost of 2€ unit, thus complying with current regulations.

Veterinary control and vaccination fall on D. Juan Perales Cosano, Collegiate number 1.367 of the Faculty of Cordoba and possible analytical work on the laboratory of D. Guillermo Barrallo.

All pigeons will be treated against Vermes, CRD, Trichomonas, Coccidia, Mycoplasmosis, Salmonella, etc. during the preparation period prior to the first training.

About the contests::

  • By default, the ratings of the releases end at 22:00 h. of the first day, whenever a minimum of 50% arrives, otherwise, when 50% is completed and, at most, at 12:00 h. of the next day.
  • All the championships are closed when 10% of those sent to the final arrive, with a minimum of 50 pigeons and, at most, at 12:00 h. of the next day.
  • The sorting order will be the one that reflects the tester clock.
  • The sponsor of a pigeon will receive the rights that, from the payment of the amount of their sponsorship, generate the same.
  • The final distribution of the prizes will be published before the semifinal.

About the auction:

- The first 25 classified and the As pigeon (in case of not being among these) receive 50% of their sale in 1st auction, if all the documentation of the equipment was delivered in time.

- The sale price in Auction is the result after discounting the auctioning costs in:

Inscription Race Infierno 1000 km - 2019:

From the 26 classified and except the As paloma if they are among them, you can enroll in the race.

 The registration period will end on May 31 of each year of flight and always after the conclusion of the Race Diablo final, 600 km on May 1st of each year.

- The registration fee is 60€, of which are intended for prizes, as follows:

From 250 inscriptions and up ..................... 40 €
From 150 to 249.......................................... 35 €
From 75 to 149............................................ 30 €
Less than 75................................................ 25 €

All pigeons returned in the first 15 days will be auctioned off at 50%, the rest of pigeons returned, they will be owned by the participant for the amount of € 100, plus transportation costs, having 15 calendar days from the arrival of each dove.

Destination deserts prizes:

If there is desert / s prize (except Triplet Memorial J, A.), 60% would be distributed equally among the pigeons that were basked on the last flight, plus those that could not have been dumped because they were in recovery and the remaining 40% , would be used to help defray the studies of Fabiola Sofía Ruz Ruiz, only daughter of José Antonio Ruz (DEP)

The amount of the desert prizes would be discounted in the inscription / s of the next edition, Diablo in Diablo and Hell in Hell.

Final Program and Gala Dinner::

The final program and the Gala Dinner, put the finishing touch to the Diablo Race, reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance. The prizes will be delivered in the desserts of the dinner.

Do not miss the Gala Dinner, because you will win friends, wisdom and happiness.
Subject to a minimum of 40 places


The prize that can not be delivered to the winner or to the duly authorized representative, for lack of assistance, would be sent to freight collect.

The applicable taxes or withholdings will be applied.

Prizes Race Diablo 600 km - 36.325 €

Winner Pigeons   1º Clasificado    (1.250 euros)

Libeation   210 Km:                 200 € + Diploma
Liberation  275 Km.:                250 € + Diploma
Liberation  320 Km.:                350 € + Diploma
Liberation  410 Km.:                450 € + Diploma    

As Team Security (1.250 €)

1º classified: 1.250 € + Diploma

It will be disputed by the participants who register a team or teams with a minimum of 3 pigeons + 1 or more.

The team that obtains the most percentage in the sum of the 4 releases of (210, 275, 320 and 410 Km) will win with THREE decimals without rounding.

Case of tie the one that more pigeons classifies in the end 600 km.

If the tie persists, the one who classifies his last pigeon in the final before.

The sum of percentages will be adjusted to the formula:

Nestlings classified in the released / nestlings team.

Only the chicks that arrive in 50% of the sent ones are classified, but all the returned ones continue competing in the championship.

As Team Velocidad (Speed) (1.250 €)

1º Classified: 1.250 € + Diploma

The team will win a minimum of 3 + 3 that, with their first classified pigeon, obtain the highest sum of speed in the 4 releases from (145, 210, 285 and 415 Km).

Case of tie the one that has greater speed in the end.

In this modality all the Teams / Team participate from 1 registered pigeon.

Premio Triplete - Memorial José Antonio (2.575 €
(1.250 de 2019 + 1.325 de Bote hasta 2017)

It will win the pigeon that gets classified in first place in the last 3 releases (210, 285 and 415 km).

If not covered, the full amount will add to the jackpot of this prize in the next edition and so on until one of them, someday, gets it.

As Paloma DePostín (3.500 €)

1º Classified: 2.000 € + Trophy and Diploma
 Classified: 1.000 € + Medal and Diploma
3º Classified:    500 € + Diploma

They will win the pigeons with better flight times in the sum of the next 4 releases (145, 210, 285 and 415 Km). In the case of a tie, those with the best classification in the final will win.

Vuelo Final Carrera Fuego (26.500 euros)

1º Classified:        10.000 € + Trophy and Diploma
 Classified:          5.000 € Trophy and Diploma
3º Classified:          2.500 € Trophy and Diploma
 Classified:             800 € Medal and Diploma
 Classified:                725 € Medal and Diploma
6º Classified:                675 € Medal and Diploma
7º Classified:             650 € Medal and Diploma
8º Classified:             600 € + Medal and Diploma
9º Classified:                550 € Medal and Diploma
10º Classified:            500 € Medal and Diploma
11º - 15º Classified:  350 € + Diploma
16º - 20º Classified:  300 € + Diploma
21º - 25º Classified:  250 € + Diploma

- From the 1st - 25th classified and the As pigeon (in case of not being among them) receive 50% of their sale in 1st auction, if all their documentation was delivered within the deadline.

Race Infierno 1.000 km - 20.000 €

The first € 10,000 game is based on 1,000 entries of the Race Diabalo and the next € 10,000 based on 250 entries for the Hell Race, in both cases being lower will be proportional and with other rules.

Vuelo Final Carrera Fuego (20.000 euros)

1º Classified:         8.000 € + Trophy and Diploma
 Classified:         3.500 € Trophy and Diploma
3º Classified:         1.600 € Trophy and Diploma
 Classified:            800 € Medal and Diploma
 Classified:               750 € Medal and Diploma
6º Classified:               700 € + Medal and Diploma
7º Classified:            650 € Medal and Diploma
8º Classified:            600 € Medal and Diploma
9º Classified:               550 € Medal and Diploma
10º Classified:          500 € Medal and Diploma
11º - 15º Classified: 450 € + Diploma

All pigeons returned in the first 15 days will be auctioned off at 50%, the rest of pigeons returned, they will be owned by the participant for the amount of € 100, plus transportation costs, having 15 calendar days from the arrival of each pigeon.

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