April 24, 2014

Interview with Alfred Berger and Participants List

In the loft now sitting more then 400 pigeons and other deliveries will come. Furthermore pigeons will be picked up again from Central Europe in early May.

Click here for the list of the participants. The list will be completed during the week.

Unfortunately, the account data was not correct on the registration confirmation and on the website, the BIC was sadly mistaken...
Here the correct details:
Account Name: Club Colombófilo PONTANENSE
Bank Name: Santander
Account Number: 0049 0505 17 2111320307
IBAN: ES23 0049 0505 1721 1132 0307
We have contacted the participants about this error already via email, but we want correct this here also on the website.

Here is the interview with the managing director of Alfred Berger from Röhnfried and Rafael Ruz, that video we made while we picked up the pigeon two weeks ago in Germany.
(The video has subtitles in English, Polish, German and Spanish)

Here is a small video where we show how we make the pigeons accustom to the loft of Derby Cordoba:

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