April 15, 2014

Pigeon collection April and arrive of the Pigeons

Last week began the trip to Central Europe. We have picked up the pigeons from the collection points and had many nice conversations with the breeders, but there was also criticism. This we take very seriously and we will make changes in this magtter, and also report of it.

We have also taken the opportunity to visit our sponsor Röhnfried. There we had a long talk with the manager Alfred Berger, Robert Fuhr has translated everything. Thus we spontaneously decided to do an interview, between Rafael Ruz and Alfred Berger in German and Spanish.
This interview we will publish in the end of the week or start of the next week with Spanish, German and English subtitles.

Jose Ruz is working to create the participant list.

In the following two videos about the transport and arrival of the pigeons in the Derby Cordoba loft.
Both videos have subtitles in English, German and Spanish.

A few photos from the trip:
The youngsters feel comfortable in the basket

Everything is great!

 Rafael checking on every stop the situation

Rafael Ruz with the Team Germany

Rafael Ruz and Alfred Berger

Werner Waldow and Rafael Ruz

Rafael Ruz and Markus Vorbau

Ludwig Lischka and Rafael Ruz on a game of billiards

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