March 22, 2014

Program Final week, the arrival of the Australian pigeons (video), Liberation video of the long distance pigeons

Program Final Week

We worked out a program for you for the final week of the first week of October.

Click here for the program list.

There are also 2 hotels listed that we can recommend to you.

On Wednesday evening, you can watch how we basking the pigeons for the final race.

We have planned for Thursday, the day before the final, a visit to the Mezquita or the Medina Azahara in Cordoba with a guide.

On Friday, the finale is with a full program, that will be published shortly before the final.

For Saturday you can visit the loft of the brother Ruz with barbecue and drinks. A relaxed pigeon day and also a visit to the Derby Cordoba loft and the stragglers pigeons.

Otherwise, we let each day turn of in the evening in a Spanish tapas bar, except on Friday where is the final, here we have a gala dinner planned with a show.

Arrival of the Australian pigeons

A short video about the arrival of Australian pigeons.
The pigeons were in  quarantine in Australia for 70 days and unfortunately one arrived ill, but which is maintained now to gain back a good health condition. Everything is explained in detail in the video.
The video has subtitles in English.

Liberation of the long distance pigeons on 03/16/2014

Last weekend, the pigeons of 2013, made a training race ​​of 270 km.
The pigeons racing now with the club Objetivo 1400.
Here is the video of the liberation:

Reconstruction of the loft and the webcams

The reconstruction of the loft runs in a good progress, because of that the webcams are turned off at the moment, they will be reinstalled.

Online registration form

We already have plenty of sign ups received worldwide and the first pigeons have already arrived in the loft, as already mentioned above.
Till mid-May, we take pigeons, everything else is explained in our rules, FAQ  and in the category collection point.

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